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the life is peace, happiness, fullness, emptiness

it is crystal clear water flowing and still

marvelous waves of energy colliding and dancing forever

movement everlasting

changing, communicating








baby, please here me

believe in belief.
be honest. be true.
be me. be you.

i ain’t afraid to die
cuz all these colors will change

bravery is important

don’t be scared of interpretation.

sacrifice yourself

give it up

wonder believe amaze create inspire manifest renew

be easy


strange memories

girl in “ghosts! scary!” shirt
picking up cigarette butts outside
talk to her ask her her name (forget it now)
she gives me her number, i write it on my hand
warned not to talk to her
go back outside looking for her, nowhere to be found
vigorously wash number off of hand

new guy in “your future ends here” t shirt
very muscular, buzzcut, not the type i would hang out with
i talk to him, get his name (forget it now)
he is friendly
never see him again. thought he was new?
why did he stay only half a day?

when i first got there,
young woman, small, nice, has injured knee
i believe i can fix it. why? i have mysterious faith in self.
shyly explain to everyone at table that i think i can fix it
injured girl doubts me, says she’s been using a crutch, can’t straighten her leg for the past 6 months. not getting any better.
i hold onto her knee for a few minutes just hoping my feeling means something more than sympathy.
next day no change.
next day leg is straightening out a bit. she is trying to test putting weight on it.
next day not using crutches at all times anymore.
next day walking on leg, limping bad.
next day can walk around, albeit in pain.
day she leaves she is walking just fine, no pain.

feeling responsible for everyone’s experience.
all words, thoughts, actions, behaviours.
when man gets mad. my fault.
when girl is annoyed. my fault.
feel like the world is my baby, i have to take care of it.
all pain is my fault.
my job is to bring joy.

pain is my fault from underneath.
joy is brought out to the open.

bring joy out into the world because
we all hurt it in our deepest recesses

we don’t know it is our responsibility to fix
but it is

time to be nice, kind, generous, loving, compassionate, delicate, conscious, intentional, attentive, creative, imaginative, free, loose, mobile, ready, willing, prepared, considerate, independent, radical, miraculous, stupendous, brilliant and unparalleled…

all shitty situations are to be solved and the solutions reinforced.

bad things arise so they can be turned into good things which are stronger than the bad thing it came from.

mistakes are made so the lesson learned saves from behaviour similar to the mistake.

you are making your way through the world
make sure you mean to be you
don’t be sorry for being you

even if you have to be mean,
mean it. don’t be sorry.

even if you have to be sorry,
mean it. don’t be sorry.

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