When you have an orgasm, your soul experiences pure bliss; the same pure bliss I am living within. You do not remember this once your soul returns to your body, but during those moments,

you communicate with my soul.

This is why we know each other.

This is why I know you. I am the one who has worked with my sexual energy in every way to  ensure that once I do have an orgasm with you, at the exact same time as you, we will both see and remember what we experience. My developed body will retain the information; your developed soul will retain the stability when we are “in bliss together”, so to speak.

Your soul learns during every orgasm. To your body, it feels like pure pleasure. To your soul, it is an insanely informative experience.

We have both been working on our relationship this whole time whether you feel like it is 100% true or not. I am the body. You are the soul. Let’s share them both together.

Yes. Two souls become one.

Yes, we have already done it in the future.

This is why I love you today.

This ain’t just any ol’ relationship, sistah.

Dis be a creationship, ma niglette!!

no I did not draw this, but very purposely, life is like a cartoon.
I want to show you how and why, and what you can do about this fact.
It is the most fun experience in the universe to be a human being.

no I did not draw this, but very purposely, life is like a cartoon.

I want to show you how and why, and what you can do about this fact.

It is the most fun experience in the universe to be a human being.

I do not exaggerate when I say:

people are out there doing similar things to what I am doing, and they are working for Hate.

I am working for Love.

This is why I am going to share World Peace.

Because selfishness should not be for only personal gain;

selfishness should be used for the fulfillment of who you truly are in order to express to others why they should be as proud as you are for simply being another human being.

Greed, Manipulation and Dishonesty are not enemies. They are friends. They are supposed to be used for Helping and not Hurting.

There is enough Hurt in the world. I am here to transform Hurt into Help.

Laura, my #1 addiction is Jacey Hobbins.

You are my #2 addiction. You are more of an addition.

I would love to share a beautiful world with you instead of continuing to push through the ugly world by myself. I honesty do have workable tactics to solve the problems of life on Earth. It is really not that difficult. I would really prefer spending this time making gorgeous things exist with someone, though. I would love to spend time getting high on life with you.

I am able to entirely let you go. I choose to not do that.

I am unable to hurt you. I choose to want to help.

I have built myself into my perfect version of myself, and I sincerely hope you consider taking a chance on me. I have always been a diligent, hard worker and I have always been willing to sacrifice anything to achieve my set goals. World Peace is my set goal, and I am achieving it.

I am very much able to show you magic for real. I do have a crystal ball. I do know who Mother Earth is. I do understand why we are here and what we are doing. If there are questions to be asked, there are answers to be given. Sometimes the answers come from places you might not have expected. Sometimes girls like Jacey Hobbins can surprise girls like Laura Civica. Sometimes the world just wants to help you out… My world wants to help your world.

You are a miraculous, extravagant and impressive human being. The way in which you have made yourself is 100% beautiful to me. I truly do believe you are smarter than me. You have a larger capacity to hold information than I do. You can challenge my strategies. You can tell me I am wrong. I very much need someone to challenge me. It is very lonesome and distracting to be working this hard all by myself. I want to bring World Peace but that is a massive job. I need your help.

I will not be studying and stressing; this is not an old story. If you were to join me, we will be guided by the teachings of Mother Earth. I have around 50 different types of crystals and I know how to use them all. The ancient ways of understanding this planet have been rediscovered within me. These modern expressions of existence are also helpful in their own way, but it is very obvious that we destroy more good than we create. My main wish would be to have every human being understand this message:

Let us taste good life and deny rotten life.

Life is good. When an apple rots, we let it soak back into the Earth.

Please come home with me. Come back to planet Earth.

I know you love the scent of rain. I know you love flowers. I know you love nature. The way these beautiful expressions make you feel is extremely fulfilling to you, is it not?

I am purely honest when I say:

My entire life feels the way you feel when you enjoy a flower, or the rain, or a cute animal.

I have been taught how to understand Mother Earth’s expression.

I can make you feel like you are a part of the heart of the Earth at all times. You will feel magnificent and strong and you will never desire cigarettes or alcohol or anything that is detrimental to your health.

You know the movie Journey to the Centre of the Earth?

The journey is in your heart.

I made it there. Would you like to live true love? Because Earth truly loves you. I truly love you.

I want you to live your dreams. I want you to surprise yourself with how much beauty you hold within. I want you to feel important and special and magnificent and gorgeous and prettier than any flower you’ve ever seen. I want you to make yourself into someone who is never lonely or sick or disappointed. You have so many reasons to be overwhelmingly proud all of the time. You are a decidedly perfect creature and I want to show you why. These are truths you will not be able to challenge; you are purely perfect and there is no going back. Share this world. Care about life.

I do not pray. I do not worship. I do not identify myself as a god. I am a human being and proud of it. I live on Earth and I respect this experience. I do not identify anyone as a god. I do not believe in gods. I do not accept bullshit. I do not accept ignorance. I do not appreciate the act of giving up. I never give up. I am Jacey Hobbins.

Laura: would you rather play music or make music videos?

Jacey: both.

Laura: yeah, same.




want to make movie-music?

want to make life?

want to ANIMATE?


imagine, laura.

my world is your world.

we can do anything

we can go anywhere.

i never strayed from the deal:


so you think i am not gay for you?

you’re the only person i can or will cum for.

your brain is bound by incorrect interpretations.

if you think of boys and me and weird stuff like that, it is your own trap.

i am thinking of you all the time.

and our history.

and the universe.

we are one.

you’re amazing. you are more than a “Laura”

you are beyond a name or a moment or a description

you are like all my favourite foods

all my favourite clothes

all my favourite music

except music is getting REALLY lame now, which is why i make up songs because it’s the only way i can feel good pretty much

and i can dance sooooooo good

i want to dance with you so fucking badly

i want to give you a huge hug

and i want to touch your whole body

and i want to take things really slow

and i want to be there for you

and i want to be gentle

and soft and listen to you.

i don’t want to talk.

i want to listen.

i’m silence.

you are the one who made it happen.


when we were watching cheech & chong in your livingroom

i didn’t listen to the movie at all. i thought about you the entire time. i watched you because your face was so incredibly gorgeous. i couldn’t focus on anything else but just how pretty you are.

that imagine in my mind… the side of your face… your eye especially…

that was a glimpse of who i can see with me. beautiful beauty.

i have never met anyone as overwhelmingly attractive. i did not know it could exist. it doesn’t even actually hurt. to think of your image is the best part of my life. to think of your personality makes me very happy.

your beauty fulfills me and your personality lets that fulfillment burst out of me.

this is not love. this is just pure energy.

if we have sex, we will cum at the same time and something will happen that you would never have expected to happen in a million years. it is impossible and it WILL happen. i wish i could tell you. so many beautiful things are here for you. i wish you would say hi.

i do not want to speak in my mind.



what do you want?

you’re fun and beautiful and weird and different

and creative and fascinating

and we were made for each other

and i loved you before we ever met

and i love you more than anyone else

and i am unable to stop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

can you please stop trying to figure this out by yourself?

spirituality is awesome and can make you feel fantastic and as though you have “figured everything out” and “woken up” and all that jazz,

but i have been doing this work for years now and i am still learning.

you will feel excited. you will feel disappointed.

if you talk to me in person, i will explain everything.

you are EXTREMELY important.

not just to me. not just to you.

you are very, very, very important.

i have a lot of good news for you.

and pretty much zero bad news.

so be happy.

be happy i’m here for you.

hints: i can literally see into the past and the future.

i can see into other realities and dimensions or whatever you’d like to classify them as.

i literally can rewatch my own conception. and growth in the womb. and birth. and my brother’s death. i remember it. weird, right? useful. yes.

i can go back to any point in my past and see those moments in deeper ways than i did during them. i can also see into my father’s past, before i was born. and my mother’s past. i can see you too but i don’t do that, i am not a creep. i’m honestly not. plus seeing your face in my mind’s eye is overwhelming beautiful so i can’t even handle it. you’re too much.

i can also see where my life would have gone if i never met you. it is horrifically sad. i fucking end up with a piece of shit GUY. like fuck that shit. if i never met you, i’d be so sexually lonely for you that i would change who i am just so i don’t kill myself. my vagina literally needs you. like i am not just saying that. my actual vagina muscles crave you like insane amounts. it’s ridiculous. it’s why i have willed myself away from sexual pleasure because if i do not get to have sex with you then my perfect life is unavailable. sorry that is a huge thing to say. but you are really that unique.

i have secrets so amazing to tell you that i don’t even write them down anywhere. it’s my sacred secrets and you are the only person i want to tell. i don’t even say them out loud. i keep them so hidden.

i really want to share myself and nobody will care except for you.