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i do not believe humility is a crucial aspect of the spiritual journey.

i believe you should be crazy and bold and alarming and memorable and fun and nasty and unpredictable and really grab life softly by the balls and play with them.

life wants to see you be wild and free.

be a spiritual healer and send your love with insane pleasure.

my life goal is to literally never be bored.

to banish boredom from the realm of possibility.

fuck boredom.

life is always fascinating.

i think if we all knew who we were

and where our dreams come from

and why our flavour is this flavour

and whose music soothes your soul

and what possesses you to express yourself the way you do

and the faces behind the beauty

and the reason why you love some people
and avoid others
and maybe even detest others…

if we all knew where we came from

and where we are going

i think we would enjoy this place much more

because we’re so far from the beginning

and so far from the end

that i think we’d love each other a lot more

and appreciate our time spent together

and make more out of this life

and we’d know why, and how to,

and when things are right,

and where we will be,

and who we will know,

and what we will see.

i believe passion is presentation

and presentation is passion

and life is forever

and death is unavoidably sacrificial:

you love yourself enough

to give yourself away

for someone else;

for the story.

maybe one day the stars will align

and everything between us will be fine

absolutely wonderful and just like i instilled:

no bad; only good. full, full, filled.

proper potential

and the dreams have ventured

into the realms of source and beyond

to know our chaos and our calm.

the love, the love, the love of torture,

the love of life, the love supports you.

theonly thingthat pissesme off

when i imagine



ocean light race to centre

pace of thought keeping up with pleasure

able to understand












and then

you know that life

is kind of like


and all intelligence births into ignorance

and all pleasure births into purpose

and purpose to intelligence

and so on


so then some far off voice speaks thru me,
 ”fuck you.”

and i know it’s not me. and nobody’s actually mad,

at least i don’t believe anyone is here for real…

at least i hope not.

and if anyone did really know who i am,

and what i’m doing,

they wouldn’t hide from such a thing.

so i really shouldn’t either.

"fuck you."

the world ain’t so magical

and it ain’t so precious

but it is what you call it.

and i call it all.

magical, precious, simple, easy, unimpressive,

because the idea is so simple

but the process to make that idea happen

is what is truly mind-boggling.

we did not make the ability. we are the able.

we didn’t make ability.


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