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i am the absolute pickiest person i know

and she is legitimately perfect.

what the fuck.

i’ve been sitting here like oh my god

how the fuck is she actually perfect?

how the fuck is that possible?

what the fuck, man.

where am i!?


those who speak don’t know

those who know don’t speak


you now don’t speak


if i wanted someone to show me the way,

i have found her.

i will listen.

hate breeds confusion

we need to all understand why all parts of life on Earth are beautiful in some context. You do not have to take it as your own, but realize why it has been expressed in the first place.

Even the darkest actions like murder and rape.

First World countries’ cruel and selfish behaviour.

Why we feed ignorance.

We are playing and stressing the limits so we can prove to ourselves that we are capable of things beyond our imagination of what is possible.

I literally can find a reason to love anything you can tell me.

There isn’t one idea, situation, object or person I have experienced that I cannot find a reason to love. I mean that.

I need the world to see why everything is Love no matter what.

Then we will have a better reason to take life more seriously and less seriously simultaneously.

It’s magic and projects and life is fun.

Life is fun for everyone.

Stable held kept solid
Collected calm warm
Apparent reserved appropriate
Working attentive honest
Revealed brave fearless
Understood clear wise
Proud pristine concentrated

Allowed awesome amazing
Pretty beautiful sexy sweet
Kind generous caring lovely

Cherished considerate respectful
Wonderful magical peaceful
Soft caring lovely

More spiritual



I fear love and getting truly close to someone because my first real life experience in this world was my triplet brother Zachary being prematurely birthed from my mother’s womb, in immense pain for 8 days and barely breathing with underdeveloped lungs, then dying before I am even born.

My brother Brett was born 19 days later and he had a hernia and pretty severe eye problems and his body was stiff as a board. My mom told me for his eyes they had to hold them open and flash lights in them which clearly terrified him and made him cry heartbreaking cries. My mother had to hold him while this happened because they knew the degree of trauma it would induce so they ask her to hold him. She already lost one boy and now she has to hold another while he is forced to experience more shockingly disturbing things that are done with good intentions; to help heal him. She has extreme hesitation but accepts the responsibility of holding her baby boy while he cries in terror as they help his eyes.

I born less than an hour after Brett, by cesarean section. My mother has joked to me that “I just didn’t want to come out of there!”

When I was taken out of the womb, my heart was not beating. I was physically dead. I imagine my soul had some messages to receive real quick before I came back to planet Earth.

I feel guilt about my birth story. I imagine I decided to make everything happen like this because I want to win… I want to win life, and win it right. I want my brother to die and be my connection to the other side. I want my brother to live and feed me until I don’t need him anymore. I want myself to be in good health and use my life as a selfish, selfless act of love.

I know in reality I was just an unborn baby loving life in my mother’s womb and then all hell broke loose before I was born, before I was fully grown!

But in spirit I am a wild source, willing to do whatever it takes to make incredible things in this world, using the system to my advantage and always keeping strong, silent faith that I know exactly, 100% what I am doing and where my intentions lie.

Laura Civica, you are one person who understands my spirit’s wish. You want the best. We want to win. We want to know love. We want to explore a human being’s capacity to understand Source energy. To go beyond expectation and experience.

To think the unthinkable and achieve the unachievable. To set our own limit of limitlessness. We agreed to do this. We promised we would. It is for the beautiful planet Earth. It is for everyone. And it is for us. This is why I miss you so much. It’d be nice to have a chill, fun time with an old, new friend.

That’s all I’m saying.

Together is better.
Separation pains me.

I fear abandonment of people I don’t even have in my world.

Everyone means so much, and you know,

I came here to tell everyone that they create their own universe and it is not so unbelievable… far-fetched, perhaps, but truly not unbelievable.

I love everyone equally…

I want to live with someone who wants to feel my presence in full; someone who will listen when I speak and speak when I listen. I want to be around people who love me for who I am and accept my life as their own…

We are all reflections. I’d love to see how I am when I fall in love with myself. I’d love to see me in a deep, passionate, extraordinary relationship.

I choose to be me. I want to see you.

ok so

all changes, this is what i plan for:

major attraction and fuck fuck fuck

at this moment, i am to focus myself hard into life
and deep into self

i dunno where you are but you should be really wanting to find me because apparently i know something deeper than y’all so i really wanna do this thing right and get it into dat new new

it’s pretty hilarious how seriously you all take it

i know i had to soften/harden the right way

but you guys are all like uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh

so i’m tellin you, girl

we be good.

come on, sing it with me :D

everyone is playing out each others’ stories and decisions

righting wrongs and healing wounds

trying our best to figure out where we want to place this stuff

organizing it in our own way,

taking what is given to us and doing with it what we please.

rearranging and pleasuring and prettying up

dollin’ up

it’s easy, my love.

karmic relief…

medicine. we are all healers.

i love you.

it’s all about US.


it’s about YOU AND ME.

it’s about playing.

it’s about cooperating.

it’s about sharing.

it’s about giving and receiving.

it’s about surprises.

it’s about challenges.

it’s about helping each other.

BALANCING energies and letting the femininity within us be more acknowledged, appreciated, honoured, cherished and held.

allowing the masculinity to take its rightful place in equal to the feminine.

50-50 split. easy peasy.

believing the possibility of YIN YANG BALANCE.

it’s been told before a million times,

it’s about time we start retelling that fucking story.

new new!!!!!!

patience and willingness to change,

purpose and ability to be strange!!!!

calm, centred presence and unbelievable range.

the gifts you are about receive
shall keep you safe and not in dange….r.

love me love me say that you love me

fool me fool me go on and fool me

i can’t care about anything but you.

[] presence is a new sort of depth to you []

when i am there and you see my eyes

the feeling inside of how you express…

and then you feel partially responsible for the place

and when you wonder why you do the things you do

you feel like maybe you want to…

pleasure yourself more.

be in peace.

praise the love?

send happy wishes,

make moving memories

and dancing dreams.

create crazy magic!

simple, elegant treasure,

beautiful sensations,

and bright little things.

light and sound

bound to astound.

moving memory

makes us proud.

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